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    Golf Tee Times in Dayton, Ohio

Sandy Leach

by Q: Why is golf so expensive

Why is golf so expensive?   - Rick Dorsey, Augusta, GA

     There are lots of ways to answer the question but the bottom line is, because it can be. Simple rule of economics, supply and demand. The demand is there, and thus, the prices can be high. An example, people want to play with nice brand name equipment. It's part of the elitist nature of the game. Some generic knock-off clubs might be just as good as the brand names, but people want to be seen with the latest, greatest product. They will pay top dollar for the name alone, and thus - prices have no real reason to come down. The same with courses. Now it costs quite a bit to maintain a course so a lot of the greens fee is incurred there, but there it's another example of demand dictating the price. You can find a great course in Kansas, every bit as nice as a course here, but due to the demand of players, may only cost half as much to play. - Sandy Leach, Head Pro, Marietta CC

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