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    Golf Tee Times in Dayton, Ohio

John Crumbley

by Q: How do I correct slice....

Q: I have a terrible slice with all clubs except my short irons. If I am on the practice tee and look down at my divots it shows an exaggerated outside to in swing. How can I correct this. Thanks in advance.   - Thanks, Kirk McP

A: Easily over 90% of all golfers slice most of their shots, so you're not alone out there. First of all you don't slice your short irons as much because of the extra loft of a short iron puts more back spin and therefore reduces side spin.

A slice is caused by an open club face at impact. In most cases this is caused by too much body or turn in the down swing and not enough of an arm - hand swing. Try feeling as though you start your down swing with your back facing the target as long as possible while swinging your arms, hands and club on a path that feels inside out. This will help correct the path problem you spoke of and help you to close the club face at impact. You should try hitting the first few balls off a tee till you get used to the new feeling. Hope this helps, Kirk. Good luck.
- John Crumbley, Head Pro, Formely @ Towne Lake Hills GC

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