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Glove Review: The Gluv

by John Kim

Introduction: What equipment matters do you consider as you try to improve your game? Certainly most golfers' replies would include the flex of their shafts, the lie and loft of their clubs, the compression and the spin of their golf balls, even the grips on the clubs themselves. A few will talk about shoes and spikes, and there are some that honestly believe they play better in "lucky" shirts. However, very few seem to take note of one of the most fundamentally important pieces of equipment : the glove.

For years Footjoy has dominated the glove market, and for good reason. They make a good product. But I had just received a phone call from a company that assured me that they had developed a golf glove that was infinitely better than Footjoy's and would even help my game. Well, I would wear a min-skirt and fur coat if I thought it would make me play better, so I said "Sure! Send me a few and I'll give you and honest opinion on them."

The Good: The Gluv bills itself as sweatproof, extremely durable, and the softest feeling glove on the market. Truth be known, it actually meets its marketing bravado. I don't think that I sweat a whole lot in the hands, but I have not had any issues with the club slipping while playing with this glove. After several rounds while wearing The Gluv, I see no signs of wear and tear.. And even more impressive, this glove is the softest leather I've ever worn. The glove really does provide a great feel while holding any club. But how, if at all, does it affect my game? Well, I was fortunate enough to play a round of golf with the chairman of Gluv International at The Farm up in Dalton. Georgia. On a cool, misty day with wet conditions - on a very tough course, I shot a 75. Three of my four bogeys were the results of three putts. I really had control of my swing (and by extension, my clubs) that day. Maybe it was coincidence that I played so well when by all logic, I should have struggled - but then again…maybe it really was The Gluv.

The Bad: The Gluv initially costs a little more than competitors. However, if you consider the longer wear you'll get out of the glove, the price alone should not deter you. The improved quality should more than make up for your initial loss and in the long run, three Gluvs could easily last longer than 5 or 6 other types of gloves. The packaging could use a little panache (very plain white box) but that's about all I could find to complain about. (okay, it's a reach)

Overall: In all honesty, I was a skeptic when I was told that a glove, any glove, was significantly better than another. Despite my deep cynicism, I'm extremely happy that I gave The Gluv a try. It really does stand out in my mind as the best golf glove out there. Apparently, I'm not alone. Many shops that stock The Gluv are reporting they are outselling Footjoys by five or even ten to one. If your local pro shop doesn't carry The Gluv, you should inquire about it to them. As hokie as it sounds, the motto of the company is "All you need is Gluv, Gluv is all you need." I guess a good swing would help too, but as far as gloves go, I can't say it much better than that.

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